The Best Ice
Cream Bowl

Finally a bowl that keeps
your ice cream frosty cold

Is it too much to ask that

frozen desserts stay cold

while you eat them?


Not Anymore!

BOWLZ is quite possibly your favorite purchase of the summer. Maybe even the best thing in 2021. No Refrigeration needed and dishwasher-safe, they are perfect for Ice Cream, Pie, Acai Bowls, Hawaiian Ice, Vegan Desserts, or any other cold item you eat. BOWLZ will keep it cold while you enjoy every last bite.

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Our four-pack is perfect for small families, RV’ing, or any small party. Bigger family, add an additional four-pack.

Not Your Ordinary Bowl

Cold Stays Cold

No refrigeration needed. Unlike the rest of the bowls in your kitchen, BOWLZ brand bowls stay ice cold thanks to the highest food grade stainless steel, heat resistant powder coating exterior, and a thermo-vacuum inner chamber.

Style and Functionality

Of course it has to work. But there is more to life than functionality. We designed BOWLZ to be fun and easy. Bright colors, bold logo, and lightweight design. After all ice cream is always a reason to celebrate.

Durable and Dishwasher Safe

You can't run them over with a Humvee but they are very durable. Dishwasher safe, rust free and dent resistant, BOWLZ will be ready for every occasion.

This Is How “Cold” Works

We combined our love of ice cream, our excitement about BOWLZ, and our technical know-how and created the best ice cream bowl ever. We then built an animated view just for you.

Everyone Is Joining Our #IceCreamParty

Order Now For The Holidays


Gift-giving is just around the corner. Order your BOWLZ now and let everyone enjoy all of their favorite cold and frozen foods.


You are going to love them and find all sorts of food you like to eat out of Bowlz. They are perfect all by themselves, you should just order some. If you still need more details, this is your lucky day. Read On.

  • 16-ounce capacity is the perfect size. Not too big, not too small.
  • No Need for Refrigeration. Bowlz have Maximum temperature retention. Hot Things Hot | Cold Things Cold.
  • Bowlz are made of strong and durable high-quality premium 304 18/8 food-grade stainless steel.
  • Extra resistant to rusting, corrosion, scratching and denting thanks to the Foreverbond® coating on the exterior.
  • Bowlz interior is electro polished and BPA free to keep the contents pure by preventing the transfer of flavors from the bowl.
  • The Ultimate Ice Cream Bowl | Never spend another summer day eating liquid ice cream.

Get A Set of BOWLZ

Do you dream at night about ice cream or other frozen wonderments of consumption? Did you wake up this morning wishing you had a bowl like ours and became speechless when you arrived at our site? Sounds like it is time to get your own set of Bowlz.

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